On this article im going to give you some free tips. The main gold is to make your site have more visits from our plataform.

Update every day

Every time you update your listing it goes straight to number one place. This is where you want to be. When the sites are displayed on the main page it improves the odds of been clicked.

Interesting main photo

There is an old saying “Don`t judge a book by the cover”… Well, the thing is, we do judge by how it looks. Knowing this, place a beautiful photo of you site. When you have doubts if something is good, ask this to yourself:

  • If i was the visitor, would i like this?
  • Would i thing it looks good and brings value to my life?
  • Would i visit often? Why?

You can apply this simple trick to your day to day life. Put yourself “on the shoes” of other people and you will see the change.

Talk with other users

We have this amazing function. You can talk with people that likes the same things as you. Message people, ask and give advices. But remember, never spam. It does not work and can cause serious trouble. Talk with people with genuine interest on the conversation. If the talk flows you can mention your amazing site. Remember, spam is not acceptable, in any case.

Complete the form

Fill the form with the information of your site. Don`t be shy. Place interesting things about it. Make other people fall in love with your vision and ideas. Show that your product is amazing and it brings value to peoples life.


In this article you received the 4 best tips to improve the visibility of your website. Apply them and create amazing products. I count on you to check the next article. See you soon.


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