Free advertising, yes, it exists.

We know how you feel. We also have personal sites. It is so hard to get traffic to new sites. Many times we don`t have enough money to invest in advertising. We work so hard develop something amazing and nobody watches. We get sad. Thinking in that we developed this space for you. Come with me and let`s explore how it works. Yes, it is 100% free.

How do we provide free publicity?

It is very easy. Our members come to our site to specific porpuses:

  1. Test plugins performance;
  2. Test themes layout and work in real life;
  3. Discover new sites;
  4. Entertainment;
  5. Discovery;

Why is this important to you?

In all cases our members will visit other sites… This generates free advertising for you. When you post on our plataform the door is open. Thousands of people are potential new costumers, visitors or clients.

How do i apply for free publicity?

Is very easy, 100% free and open to every one.

1 – Create account

Simply create a free account.

2 – Post you site

You fill a simple form with your site information.

3 – Got it

Done. Your site is online and available.

free advertising

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