1. Idea

Everything began while i was working on wordpress. Looking for a fast theme but i was unsure. So i searched and searched and did not find any place. There was no space to test the performance of plugins and themes in real life. Like a test drive, you know? Because the plugin may be good while there is no visitors but when it receives lots of data can display errors.

Also every single time i buy a new domain or host plan i want to know sites that already use it. To make sure is really fast and reliable. As the mother of all inventions, need is the propeller. That said i did my best to create an amazing platform to help all developers and site owners.

And, at the same time, provide free advertising for everyone. Yes, because i know how hard is to share a new site.

2. Development

With a lot of happiness i can say:

– yourwp.site is not just me, now is us.

Our total focus is to offer the best quality. We work to offer you a place where everyone is here to help and evolve.

Help to create a better online life. We, creators, developers, site owners have a responsability over the content that is available. Internet has no owner, is a free creation, we are the creators of his content.

Sharing our knowldge we are helping the improvement of all wordpress sites (especially). But everyone can benefit. We offer free tools to everyone. Example, the evalution of hosting.

A strong community looking for improvment, that is the vision.

3. What do we offer?

By now you already now. Let`s resume: Free advertising to everyone. Plugins and themes evaluation of performance in real life; Free plataform to all wordpress lovers and workers;

4. For everyone

If you are not one of the persons mentioned above, thats cool to. You are welcome. You can witness how the magic works under the courtain of the sites that you visit. We are a free and open plataform to everyone one on earth. (If you`re an alien we will evaluete your proposal 🙂 ). We are your wp site.


for being part of it

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